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Bella Bouchard: Emerging Artist 

Exploration of Continued Influences

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My artistic practice is based on a continual influence between my environment and my mind. I seek to open a dialogue between my art and my world to allow these metamorphosing ideas to influence each other. My work strives to inform, illuminate and demand reflection from its audience. I am compelled by the exploration of gender, sexuality, anxiety, and depression and want my art to act as a space in which people can navigate their own relationships with these things. When the concept of dialogue is at the forefront of my work the intent of the work becomes clear.  This allows the audience to engage with the purpose of the artwork fully, it allows the piece to inform understanding, illuminate conception and demand reflection.

Exhibitions and Shows


Bella has had their work featured in four Plaskett Gallery Student Exhibitions. They currently have a painting hanging in the "I Heart New West" community space at Columbia Square.

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